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With his new video camera, Sebastian has taped them singing in beautiful natural settings, combining the audio and video. He says this music is a great draw for the public presentations that he is doing. He shows the choir video before or after his conservation presentations and some of his showings are drawing 700-800 people.

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Sixtus Koromba leads the Kibosho East Environmental Choir as the adult choir performs at the Environmental Day Celebration, July 2000.

One of the songs that Sixtus wrote is a plea to stop poaching of the endangered Rhinoceros. Another is about Mpingo, the Tree of Music, and pleads with everyone to plant a tree so that it will not go extinct. "Green is Beauty" is an accolade to nature. The video Sebastian made for this song was taken at Fuya Falls, a beautiful waterfall very close to his home on Mt. Kilimanjaro. Some of the songs have English lyrics and some have Swahili lyrics. In the future, on our website and through the newsletter, we hope to be able to offer for sale recordings of this inspirational African environmental music.

Again, we extend our deepest gratitude to the Lindbergh Foundation ( for their generous support.

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A group of students, teachers and parents poses before the hostel at Lake Manyara National Park last October during the educational safari funded by Sebastian’s 2000 Lindbergh Grant.

Cottonwood Foundation

Last year we reported that through a grant from the Cottonwood Foundation (, we have been able to purchase a water tank for the Moshi Mpingo Plot. This tank has now allowed us to move our mpingo nursery from Mary Sambeke's house into the Mpingo Plot area, thus greatly facilitating our planting and distribution efforts. Up until now the tank has had to be filled by hand by volunteers. This year, however, a second grant from Cottonwood went towards the purchase of a pump.

With the aid of volunteers a pipe has been run from the Kikafu River to the Moshi Plot. Two underground concrete tanks were constructed to serve for filtering and storing water and a concrete block pump shelter will be built to protect the pump. In addition to helping our own efforts, this transport system will supply water to 58 families in the area. Sebastian has consulted with the village leaders of Kiyungi, where the project is located, and they are ready to help with the tree planting project and will see to the protection of the pipes which were buried in crossing the villager's farms. Mr. Chuwa has received a letter of appreciation from the village and a request for more trees to plant.

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A concrete tank has been formed and poured at the Moshi Mpingo Plot as part of the installation of the new water pump.

We extend our thanks to Director Paul Moss and the Cottonwood Foundation for their interest and support for our project. Small organizations trying to build a program often experience difficulty in finding funding. Large foundations tend to support well-established organizations and others work within a narrow geographical area, thus ruling out programs in such places as Tanzania. Consequently we are very grateful for foundations such as Cottonwood, which are specifically oriented towards helping beginning projects get on their feet and will support programs in many areas of the world.



Sebastian holds the new water
pump funded by the Cottonwood
Foundation for the irrigation project
at the ABCP Moshi Mpingo Plot.

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On the Web

Our most beneficial tools in making contacts for the ABCP are through the Internet and email. Through our website we receive inquiries from people around the world who are interested in mpingo conservation and education. For our fundraising activities we can find a vast amount of information on the web about foundations and funding sources. We have also been able to use this tool to research topics that expand our knowledge base about Africa, agroforestry and conservation. This information adds depth and dimension to our grant writing activities.




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