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Trees give peace
to the souls of men.

-Nora Waln

A group of Makonde Carvers from Moshi received a grant through this program and have used the funding for several initiatives. They sponsored a seminar at Makuyuni to teach about the use of softwood trees, as well as alternative materials such as leather, shells, cement, and used paper, all of which can be used as substitutes for mpingo in the production of artwork for the tourist trade.

They have purchased mpingo seedlings from the ABCP nursery to begin a planting project for an estimated 40,000 trees of mixed species. Sebastian is collaborating with this group to plant a mixture of mpingo and softwood trees on 20 acres of land he has been granted by the Moshi Council. Last April 19,000 trees were planted on the acreage in a cooperative effort between Sebastian, his volunteers, and the Makonde carvers.

Excellent Development

Joshua Mukusya of Kenya and Simon Maddrell of Great Britain have been working together since 1985 building small water tanks and dams for water security and planting trees to protect the environment in the Machakos District of Kenya. Their organization is called Excellent Development. Like Sebastian, they have mobilized thousands of volunteers to help in the work of living sustainably on the land.

Last year, through the ABCP website, Simon contacted us because he was interested in our work. Sebastian traveled to Kenya to meet Joshua and donated mpingo seedlings for his reforestation efforts from the ABCP nursery. Joshua and Simon in turn visited Sebastian’s projects in Kilimanjaro, donating seedling bags, wheelbarrows, and watering cans to some of the affiliated local community groups. Joshua is planning to return to help the Makonde carvers make a rain water terrace for their tree planting projects. (For further information, see

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Green Garden Women’s Group

    Like the Makonde carvers, the Green Garden Women’s Group (GGWG) also received funding from COMPACT. This enabled them to expand their original nursery in Moshi and establish new facilities at Machame and Marangu, villages at a higher altitude on Mt. Kilimanjaro. The GGWG was founded in 1998, at Sebastian’s suggestion, by 16 women who opened a commercial tree nursery in Moshi. The group now numbers 250 members.


"Our task must be to free
ourselves by widening our
circle of compassion to
embrace all living creatures
and the whole of nature
and its beauty."
            - Albert Einstein




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