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nl05-05.jpg (17175 bytes)In its June, 2005 issue, The Rolex Awards for Enterprise Journal published an article about the planting of one million trees by Sebastian’s community, an event reported in our newsletter last year. In 2001 Sebastian was awarded an Associate Laureate award by Rolex which provided funding to expand his work, thereby making it possible to reach the one million mark far sooner than anticipated. Sebastian has been coordinating renewed efforts and expects to reach the two million mark within 5 years. The Rolex article can be read online at:
stoves for their own use and to market. And of significance for Kilimanjaro’s coffee farmers, were their activities in establishing a nursery to grow organic, disease-resistant coffee seedlings, which have long been under attack in this area by Coffee Berry Disease. The KEEG is cooperating with The Tanzania Coffee Research Institute (TaCRI) at Lyamungo on Mt. Kilimanjaro, which is developing a resistant strain of coffee seedlings in attempts to revive the coffee industry throughout Tanzania.

    When those enterprises proved successful, and others saw that they could make money from such work, KEEG numbers quickly grew. It now has over 70 members, and offers purposeful employment to some in the community who have been without work and to many young people who have no opportunities for higher education.



“Find your place
on the planet.
Dig in, and take
from there."

- Gary Snyder


British Petroleum

    For several years British Petroleum has donated a gas allotment for Sebastian to enable him to travel around for educational and tree planting work. This year BP has again generously provided fuel–an increasingly precious commodity in today’s world.

    In the areas where it works, British Petroleum is conscious of its role in the community and helps local people improve their lives by sponsoring a broad range of social and economic initiatives in the areas of education, environment, health, culture, economic development and energy. It has established programs to provide small loans for small businesses, such as taxi drivers, clothes sellers, hairdressers and fruit sellers. It is providing inoculations against disease like malaria and AIDS. Through its solar energy program, it delivers solar power to communities with no access to electricity.

    In 2004 it launched its Community Investment Programme (CIP) with plans to spend $100m per year in the support of projects of local relevance and need. Funding under the CIP will primarily support education, enterprise development and better access to energy.

Environmental Conservation –Kibosho East

    “Environmental Conservation—Kibosho East” is a handbook published by youth leaders in Sebastian’s local ward of Kibosho East on Mt. Kilimanjaro, describing their conservation efforts and chronicling Environmental Day activities sponsored by Malihai Clubs and adult conservation groups. This book contains many photos and offers an inside look at the energetic and imaginative work of this vibrant community. It is now online and can be viewed at:


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Villagers at Makuyuni Himo are planting 25 acres of mpingo trees for the future use of East African woodcarvers. Many of these trees are seedlings grown at the ABCP Moshi Mpingo Plot .


Makuyuni Himo

    Trees from the ABCP Moshi Mpingo Plot are being planted at Makuyuni Himo near Lake Manyara National Park east of Moshi. The residents of this village are establishing a 25 acre plot of their community land in mpingo trees and Sebastian Chuwa is providing them with seedlings for this work.

    They have been assisted in this effort by a group of Makonde Carvers from Moshi. The Makonde are highly skilled and world renowned artists of East Africa who produce intricately carved statues of exceptional skill and beauty. The Makuyuni residents intend to carefully nurture and protect these trees as a future resource for the use of the Makonde.




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