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Friends of the ABCP

The ABCP would like to recognize the support of several individuals and groups committed to African development who have contributed their energies, expertise, and resources to the work of Sebastian Chuwa and the ABCP in Tanzania.

Craig Samuel

Craig Samuel became involved in development work for Tanzania in 2007, when he met Fr. Paul Chuwa (Sebastian Chuwa’s brother),  who was the parish priest at Mtu wa Mbu, a town that is the gateway to Lake Manyara National Park. Fr. Paul gave him a tour of the church grounds and Craig noticed foundation stones for a hospital that had been planned for 25 years prior, but was still unbuilt. Thus began a plan for construction, instrumentation, and staffing of a regional hospital of 6 wards for 35 patients to administer to the needs of the Manyara community. By December, 2009, it was 95% complete and operating. Craig has also provided funding for a lab technician to attend college, bicycles for the hospital staff and a satellite TV for the hospital Nuns.

Craig has likewise helped Sebastian’s environmental work in a number of ways. In 2009, when Sebastian and Elizabeth travelled to Ireland for a World Forum conference, he supported all travel expenses for the trip.  Additionally, he arranged for Sebastian to address academics from the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Aberdeen, the institution where Craig had received a degree in Geology, Mineralogy and Geophysics. This connection has led to one student conducting research on carbon capture in the Kilimanjaro area, and another doing a research project on the work of the ABCP/Tanzania, investigating the attitude of local communities toward tree planting.

Craig has also provided various infrastructure items for the ABCP and funding to build a modern, steel framed greenhouse with high-grade shade cloth for a nursery run by Sebastian in association with the Kilimanjaro Environmental Education Group (KEEG). This nursery produces indigenous trees for reforestation on Mt. Kilimanjaro and disease resistant coffee trees for the coffee farmers who live on the mountain.

Craig is a Senior Partner and technological consultant at Turnstone Capital, an investment management firm that provides resources to industries in the fields of clean technology, communications, and financial services. He is also a philanthropist, having assisted programs in the US, the UK and in East Africa.

The ABCP offers its commendation for the important work that Craig has done to uplift lives in Tanzania.

Craig Samuel has supported the environmental work of Sebastian and the humanitarian work of his brother, Fr. Paul Chuwa, who is a Catholic priest.
Craig (left) with his son, Callum, and Fr. Paul.

Reverend Stephen Taylor, Sunderland, UK, presents a check to Sebastian  on behalf
of the Sunderland Partnership, a coalition group that climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro
to raise funding for Sebastian’s tree planting.

The Sunderland Partnership

The Sunderland Partnership, headed by Reverend Stephen Taylor, rector of the Church of St. Michael and All Angels, is a coalition of citizens from Sunderland, UK, with a mission to improve life for all those living in their community. The  Partnership works on many levels — they have established Sunderland as a Fairtrade city, are making digital access more widely available, and are investing time and resources into charitable projects, national and international.
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