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(New Acreage at Makuyuni, continued from pg. 1)
Other new planting locations for mpingo are Uchira, Ngusero, Rundugai, Karatu, Kikavu chini and schools at the following locations: Himo School for the Deaf, Msufini, Makuyuni, Kisimani, Mijonweni, Karanga Primary, Weruweru Primary, Kikatiti Secondary, and Azimio.

Unloading mpingo seedlings at Makuyuni.

Moshi Police Academy

A new ABCP planting initiative is being implemented in cooperation with the Moshi Police Academy (MPA), an institution based in Moshi, Tanzania that trains police personnel.

A recently established governmental program is calling for the planting of one million trees in each of Tanzania’s 30 regions. National agencies such as the Academy are being enlisted to help in this service.

Sebastian is working with the Academy towards the goal of planting over 40,000 trees. The facility has several acreages where it conducts training and practice maneuvers and is cooperating with the ABCP in planting  a large number of trees in these areas.

At Kilele Pori near Boma Ng’ombe (between Moshi and Arusha) the Academy utilizes 200 acres and will be planting 25,000 trees. Another 15,000 trees will be planted near Mabogini on a 35 acre site.

The Academy is offering the services of its cadets on a voluntary basis to help with the work. Since the locations selected are somewhat distant from the physical location of the police academy, local people will be hired for follow­-up  care for the trees.

Chief Commandant Matanga Mbushi comments that his institution has a very long history, having been founded in 1921 under colonial rule. It was first located in Morogoro, then moved to Dar es Salaam in 1930 and eventually to Moshi in 1954. Currently it accepts 3,000 trainees during each intake period. It is the only military college which provides basic military training to police officers in the country, so every police officer in Tanzania and Zanzibar has been taught there. MPA has also trained personnel for other countries such as Namibia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Uganda and Rwanda.

Opening ceremonies for the new initiative were held on school grounds with trees planted to celebrate the occasion. The work will be carried forward through the association of the ABCP and Malihai Clubs of Tanzania. We anticipate a fruitful association with this prestigious institution.

MPA Police cadets who will participate in tree planting initiatives.

Academy Grounds—From left: Amina Baturilimu, Lutusyo Mwakyusao, Musa Nyangwa,
Elhirich Kazungu, Nassery Mwakamboja, Sebastian Chuwa, Helen John.

Elhirich Kazungu, Malihai Education Officer presents membership
certificate to Nassery Mwakamboja, Chief Instructor (MPA).




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