Sebastian Chuwa receives environmental award for 30 years of
dedicated service with the Malihai Clubs of Tanzania.

Malihai Clubs of Tanzania
30 Year Anniversary

On March 13, 2011 Sebastian was presented with an award for 30 years of service with Malihai Clubs of Tanzania.

Malihai Clubs of Tanzania was founded in 1980, with the vision of bringing children to an awareness of their environment and guiding them in actions to protect and improve it.

Malihai is a Swahili work that means Living Wealth, referring to the optimization of living conditions for all kingdoms that share life on our planet—human, animal, and plant, as well as the soil and the air.

Sebastian was a co-founder of the organization and holds the title of Chief Patron in the Kilimanjaro area. In that capacity he has opened clubs in primary and secondary schools throughout the Moshi/Kilimanjaro area.

Many Malihai Clubs have tree planting projects, involving family and community members in reforestation of the magnificent ecosystem of northern Tanzania. This area, called the Northern Circuit, is important not only because of its ecological diversity, but also economically, as it attracts tourism from around the world.  Mt. Kilimanjaro is a destination for international climbers and Moshi and Arusha are hubs for safari traffic to popular parks such as Ngorongoro, Tarangire and the Serengeti.

On receiving the award Sebastian said, “I feel very honored to receive such an award and at the same time very encouraged to plunge myself even deeper into this honorable task. I am committed to continue journeying with children through this field of environmental education throughout my life. I consider it noble and at the same time an obligation on my part to share and pass on to the younger generation the need and value of loving and conserving nature and its environment.”

ABCP Volunteers

Each year, Sebastian hosts a number of volunteers or groups from around the world who have learned of ABCP projects on the Internet or by word of mouth.

Daniel Watt and Lisa Baker from Great Britain each spent several weeks working at the ABCP nursery and a community nursery in Sungu near Sebastian’s home on Kilimanjaro.

Thirty-one students and five teachers from the French School in Nairobi volunteered for several days at the Moshi Plot.  Ten students and two teachers from Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana, USA helped sift soil and pot seedlings at the Moshi Plot.

Volunteers from Earlham College, USA with Sebastian Chuwa, looking over seed pots at Moshi Mpingo Plot.

World Forum Foundation

In May, 2011 Sebastian attended a World Forum Foundation (WWF) conference in Honolulu, Hawaii along with 800 delegates from 80 countries. The WFF, founded by Bonnie and Roger Neugebauer, is dedicated to the promotion of early childhood education and the global exchange of ideas germane to all aspects of education. To further that objective, every two years an international conference is held in a different country bringing together educators from around the world.

Fourteen working groups, each dedicated to one aspect of education, cooperate to find solutions to some of the field’s most pressing problems.

In 2009 the WFF became a member of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), founded by former US President Bill Clinton  to convene global leaders in creating and implementing innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.

Sebastian was one of 800 participants at World Forum Foundation conference in Honolulu.




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