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Good Gifts Catalogue — Just in Time for Christmas!

                The Good Gifts Catalogue, a charitable organization in Great Britain, has been funding the ABCP since 2006. Its supporters have sponsored the planting of 75,000 mpingo trees. With this support the ABCP has been able to establish an ambitious planting project in Makuyuni, distribute trees to many schools and villagers in the Moshi/Arusha area and recently begin another initiative in cooperation with the Moshi Police Academy. Good Gifts funding has helped expand ABCP work into new areas, educate a wider public about the many environmental benefits of mpingo and leave a legacy for future generations,
                In addition, since most infrastructure costs, of tree seedlings production and ABCP management costs, are borne by the ABCP, much of Good Gifts funding has been used in the form of salaries for personnel to plant the seedlings and give aftercare to insure survival. This funding has been of great benefit to our partners in Tanzania, as much of the money was used to pay for school fees for their children, the agricultural costs of raising crops or home improvement, thereby enhancing the quality of their private lives.
                The Good Gifts Catalogue lists over 200 gifts, each of which has been selected to fill a social or economic need, often in an impoverished country. Gifts for all seasons and celebrations can be discovered in diverse array, choosing from such offerings as goats, ducks and cattle for needy families, books and teacher training, health care options such as life-saving inoculations, even defusing of bombs and land mines. Other gifts, such as sewing machines and knitting supplies offer livelihood opportunities.
                We urge you to visit their website, just in time for Christmas. There you will find  a collection of gifts that will truly touch the heart and change lives:      
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Photos of Makuyuni: goodgifts.html

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