Michelle Teaching Clarinet
Michele instructs clarinet students at Korongoni Secondary School. In 2010 she started C4C with 12 donated instruments. Other students who were interested attended as observers.

(Clarinets for Conservation Teams with ABCP in Planting Trees, continued from pg. 2)
Michele decided to embark on a new and unique course in life—she determined that she would travel to Tanzania, plant blackwood trees and teach children to play the clarinet. Within the country, although use of the wood in carvings for the tourist industry is well known, its international uses are not. Many have never heard, nor seen a clarinet. Michele wants to change that, to give students the opportunity to play and to set up programs for conservation of the tree. Thus was founded Clarinets for Conservation (C4C).

Michele has taken 3 trips to Tanzania. On her first trip in 2010, Elizabeth Chuwa, Sebastian’s wife, helped her find a teaching location and she decided on a secondary school at Korongoni, where she has taught 62 students to date. She comments that they are very fast learners, often picking up the basics faster than her American students. Along with teaching music, she incorporates environmental studies for part of the day.

To fulfill the other part of her mission—tree planting, she works with two conservationists, Samweli Mochiwa and Sebastian Chuwa. Both supply her with nursery seedlings and accompany her to different schools, where they instruct students about conservation and show them how to plant the trees.

Since 2010, several other musicians and supporters have enthusiastically entered the ranks of C4C: Scott Horsington, Brad Rodriguez, Audrey Miller, Katie Palmer, Mark Fugina and Gary Sperl. Members of this team are now accompanying Michele to Tanzania. Besides teaching, they have formed alliances with local musicians and participate with them in various performance venues, thus integrating their musical talents with the music and cultural heritage of the country.

Future plans for C4C are ambitious. The team plans to expand the teaching program to other schools, increase the number of trees planted and eventually build a center for the arts at Korongoni. They are forming partnerships with teachers and conservationists in order to see their dreams materialize: a secure future for African blackwood and the building of a foundation in the musical arts for students in northern Tanzania.

C4C at Moshi Plot
Stanslaus Nicholaus, Clara Mwaipopo, Scott Horsington and Michele Von Haugg, of Clarinets for Conservation, pose with Sebastian (ctr) on visit to obtain seedlings from ABCP nursery.

Moshi Police Academy

In 2011 the ABCP began a planting initiative at the Moshi Police Academy, an academic institution for the training of law enforcement officials, located in the township of Moshi. Three acreages utilized by the Academy for training purposes were chosen as planting locations: the main grounds in Moshi, a 200-acre location at Kilele Pori and a 35-acre site at Mabogini. Police cadets and members of local Malihai (environmental) Clubs are cooperating in the planting. This year 2,000 trees were planted.

Michele Von Haugg has also established an affiliation with the Police Academy, after accompanying Sebastian on a visit. While there they met with several officials, and had a long discussion with the Commandant, the highest ranking officer at the Academy. On learning of Michele’s mission to teach clarinet to Tanzanian students, the officer introduced her to John Machibya, a clarinet player in the Academy band. During subsequent discussions, the Academy and C4C found several points of possible cooperation.

The Commandant requested that some of his troops be allowed to accompany C4C to planting initiatives so that they might get more involved with the local community, to show the people




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