Moshi Police Adademy
C4C at Police Academy: Back Row: John Machibya, Sebastian Chuwa, Commandant Matanga Mubushi, Samweli Mochiwa, Graifton Mushi, Martin Doni. Front Row: Michele Von Haugg, Katie Palmer, Audrey Miller, Brad Rodriguez, Mark Fugina, Gary Sperl.

(Moshi Police Academy, continued from pg. 3)
that their responsibility is to protect people, property and environment. In regard to music, John is interested in finding more players for the Academy band. Michele is working out a program with Korongoni Secondary School to make the C4C class a certificate program so that students they teach can graduate and enter directly into a job with the Police Academy—another unique confluence of music and mpingo conservation.

Rolex Awards for Enterprise

In November 2012 Sebastian Chuwa was sponsored by the Rolex Awards for Enterprise Committee to attend its awards ceremony in New Delhi, India. A biennial event, it honors the achievements of inspirational individuals who work to promote human achievement and protect the world’s cultural and natural heritage. In 2002 Sebastian was chosen as a Rolex Associate Laureate.

Pictured from left in the photo below-Aggrey Otieno works with expectant mothers in Nairobi’s most impoverished slum. He has devised an innovative consultative service, setting up a telemedicine center that can be accessed by cell phone for informational and emergency situations. He will use the grant money to equip the central office, fund training for birth attendants and purchase an emergency vehicle.

Mark Kendall has designed a revolutionary inoculation technology that can deliver vaccines more cheaply, with lessened risk, and most importantly, without the necessity of refrigeration. Called the “Nanopatch”, Kendall hopes that his invention will allow people in the developing world to receive treatment in as timely a fashion as those in more prosperous nations.

Barbara Block is a California marine biologist who monitors marine wildlife to “build a report card on the health of the world’s oceans.” With the setting up of ocean observatories, the movements and activities of ocean mammals will be recorded and transmitted to oceanic labs, smart phones and computers around the world to be viewed, not only by scientists, but by citizens of the whole world.

Erika Cuellar’s work is protection of the Gran Chaco, an immense forested region of Bolivia, Argentina and Paraguay that is being threatened by farming, hunting and uncontrolled logging. She is working at the grassroots level, training local residents as parabiologists with the aim of reducing destructive activity, setting up reserves and passing legislation to protect natural resources.

Rolex Awards Winners 2012
Sebastian Chuwa with 2012 Rolex Award winners in New Delhi, India. From left: Aggrey Otieno, Mark Kendall, Barbara Block, Sebastian, and Erika Cuellar.

Trees for Economic Progress

Sebastian also supplies the farmers and families living on Mt. Kilimanjaro with a variety of trees for their domestic and economic needs. More than 10 years ago he organized a community-run, income-producing nursery on Mt. Kilimanjaro. The cooperative effort produces coffee and indigenous trees that are sold to farmers on the mountain. A friend in southern Tanzania recently gave him a gift of a grafted variety of avocado, called an africado. He is making it available to his neighbors and teaching its cultivation at local schools.

Because of his ongoing involvement with local residents, he is working with outreach workers from Sokoine University who are instituting a project to raise the economic level of communities on the mountain. Funding is being provided by the university to increase numbers of cattle, goats and poultry, to foster bee-keeping and to create programs for biogas production.

Sebastian Teaches Africado Planting
Sebastian is teaching students about planting africado at Sungu School where Elizabeth Chuwa teaches.




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