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Good Gifts Catalogue — Give a Creative Christmas Gift and Help the World!

Are you tired of giving gifts that you strongly suspect will end up in someone’s attic or on a shelf at Goodwill? Would you like your gift to have an impact somewhere in the world where such a gift makes a real difference? Good Gifts Catalog is a charitable organization that gives you an opportunity to give a gift that will truly have such an impact, as every gift among its offerings goes to a person or cause that will lift someone out of poverty, help the environment, or address a pressing social issue. For example, Good Gifts contributions to the ABCP have now funded the planting of almost 80,000 mpingo tree seedlings, a significant support of our environmental program.

The Good Gifts Catalogue lists over 200 gifts, each of which has been selected to fill a social or economic need, often in an impoverished country. Gifts for all seasons and celebrations can be discovered in diverse array, choosing from such offerings as goats, ducks and cattle for needy families, books and teacher training, health care options such as life-saving inoculations, the environmentally relevant planting of trees (as for the ABCP), and even defusing of bombs and land mines. Other gifts, such as sewing machines and knitting supplies offer livelihood opportunities.

If this notion of gift giving appeals to you, you may want to check out the Good Gifts Catalogue website for possible alternative Christmas gifts. There you will find a collection of gifts that will truly touch the heart and change lives: And if you would like to support the ABCP via Good Gifts, links to give the gift of African Blackwood trees may be accessed midway down the ABCP website homepage, We have profiled the ABCP Good Gifts Program here.

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