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nl04-01.jpg (40435 bytes)One Million Trees!

The school and community tree planting groups around Kilimanjaro that have been organized under Sebastian’s supervision reached a milestone in 2004. Through their combined efforts during the past 12 years they have planted one million trees. Working together, they have educated their communities about conservation and initiated many programs to safeguard the environment. They have also been instrumental in spreading the word in their communities about mpingo conservation.

The trees they have planted are of many species,and serve to provide the people with subsistence products, protect the biodiversity of Kilimanjaro and its soils, and improve the mountains’s role as a vital water catchment area for northern Tanzania.

The 2004 Kilimanjaro Environmental Day ceremonies celebrated this community achievement. 2200 people attended, including government officials and community leaders who addressed the crowd. School children gave educational talks, read poetry, and sang songs about conserving the earth.

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There was an exhibit of local medicinal plants to educate people about their use. A demonstration about raising coffee trees showed local farmers methods of protecting this important agricultural crop from disease. Awards were given to individuals, families, and institutions that have excelled in planting trees and taking action to protect the environment.

As shown in these photographs, citizens of a wide range of ages in the Kilimanjaro area have been encouraged to participate in the act of hope and faith in the future that is represented by planting trees.

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We have not inherited

the world from

our forefathers –

we have borrowed it

from our children.

- Kashmiri proverb

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Cottonwood Builds New Structure at Moshi Mpingo Plot

In April the ABCP was a recipient of funding from the Cottonwood Foundation, a long time supporter of our work. The funds received were designated for the construction of a brick building at the Moshi Mpingo Plot.




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