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Kristian Mohl Donates Yahoo! ‘Green Icon’ Contest Award

nl07-12-green_yahoo!_tree-kristian.gif (1251 bytes)Yahoo!, the Internet search engine and index giant, recently conducted an online design competition for the best ‘Green’ logo to be used on its network where it wishes to highlight and encourage sustainable and environmentally sensitive products, services and actions that can be taken by the public in response to global climate change. Awards in the amounts of $20,000 for first place and $5,000 for second and third runner’s-up were to be given to charitable conservation organizations selected by the three winners.

Kristian Mohl, who won both third and fourth place, designated the ABCP to be recipient of the award for his entry. Kristian, whose Green Yahoo! Tree Icon design is pictured at left, is an independent web and graphics designer who lives in Cakovec, Croatia, a town about 100 km from the capitol city of Zagreb. He believes digital media will eventually replace print media, saving natural resources in the process, so he has aptly named the website he created to promote his work as

The ABCP is honored to have been so chosen and extends its great appreciation to Mr. Mohl for his excellent artistry and philanthropy, and to Yahoo! for their generosity and encouragement of a green lifestyle. The Yahoo! website covers this contest at

“I want to encourage you to support campaigns to save African forests and biodiversity. The importance of forests and the many services humanity gets from them is well known: ecological balance of the earth; they absorb carbon; prevent loss of soil and subsequent desertification; they offer safeguards against flooding; they are reservoirs for genetic resources; they control rainfall patterns and serve as catchment areas for freshwater and  rivers. Forests have been a source of wealth and inspiration throughout centuries.“
–Waangari Maathai, Kenya
Nobel Peace Prize Winner, 2004


African Blackwood Conservation Project

P. O. Box 26 • Red Rock, TX 78662 • USA

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