Sebastian Chuwa addresses guests at the Two Million Tree ceremonies.

Two Million Trees

In the village of Uru East, the ABCP, local schools and Malihai groups associated with Sebastian’s tree planting efforts held ceremonies to celebrate the planting of 2 million trees.

The village of Uru is located directly north of Moshi in the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro, an area known for its fertile soil and abundant rainfall. With high population density in this area, tree planting programs are popular to offset depletion caused by domestic use of trees for daily living needs.

1500 people attended the ceremonies, including officials from the township of Moshi and media representatives from Tanzanian radio, press and TV. The guest of honor was local Counselor Evarist Momburi. Included in the event were the planting of 10,000 trees by Malihai groups, around Kisarika Secondary School and five area farms.

Future objectives discussed during the celebration were the goal of planting five million trees and granting awards to the most active schools.

Students perform local dances for ceremonies.

Cottonwood Office Extension

The Cottonwood Foundation has funded the building of an extension to the main building at the Moshi Mpingo Plot, the primary nursery and tree orchard for the ABCP. This new addition will be important for Sebastian’s work, as he will be able to stay overnight at the Plot and dedicate an increased amount of time to nursery work.

The new extension will also serve as a living and office area, allowing him to take care of correspondence and management work for the ABCP. The space is a partially screened enclosure that allows abundant airflow in order to offset the mid-day heat.

We regret to report that Paul Moss, the founder of the Cottonwood Foundation, has decided to retire and its international activities will come to an end. The ABCP once again extends its great appreciation for the years of support it has given the work of the ABCP. Cottonwood has funded much of the infrastructure at the Moshi Mpingo Plot, including the water tower, nursery structures, a computer, and several phases of  the building projects that have made the Plot not only a nursery, but a living quarters and rest area for our workers and volunteers.

We thank Paul Moss and his staff  for the many years of dedicated service offered to projects around the world, supporting the work of groups that are trying to make a difference. We wish them a happy journey into the future.

Cottonwood Office extension.




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