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As stated in other sections of this site, this project is a direct-action, grass-roots effort intended to replant mpingo in its natural habitat and to have a positive impact upon the ongoing environmental degradation of our planet. By wise planning now, we can insure that this valuable natural resource will maintain its vital role in the local ecosystem and be available for the future harvesting of mature trees for woodwork and local use purposes.

If you would like the opportunity to contribute support to this cause, one in which all funds go directly to support the actual conservation efforts in the field, you may download a donation form. All funds collected will be directed towards the direct implementation of the project in Tanzania. Sebastian Chuwa in Tanzania is doing the work on the ground required to make the ABCP a physical reality and all he needs is funding support from concerned individuals who have been motivated by the information presented here to want to help. The US coordinators, James Harris and Bette Stockbauer, will continue an ongoing commitment of time for future fundraising activities as well as time devoted to the organization, management and accounting duties of ABCP in the US. They also make direct contributions to cover extraordinary program needs in Tanzania, such as the purchase of cameras and other project equipment. They will maintain this web site with the latest information on the project as it becomes available.

Won’t you please join us in supporting this worthy project, so that together we can begin to take some positive steps in insuring that African blackwood continues to play its unique role both in its native habitat and around the world? We hope that if this opportunity for replenishing one of the gifts of nature is as compelling to you as it is to us, you will be moved to contribute your support to the African Blackwood Conservation Project. Let not the Tree of Music be silenced for our children and grandchildren because no one in our era thought of planning for its future. Please send your check or money order to the address on the donation form.



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