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One Million Trees!

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In ceremonies on September 8, 2004, members of Sungu Village hosted a milestone event — the ceremonial planting of the one millionth tree — culminating years of effort by the youth groups associated with the conservation work of Sebastian Chuwa and the ABCP. The Hon. Cynthia Ngoye, MP, Kilimanjaro Regional Commissioner, was assisted by Sebastian Chuwa in planting the milestone tree. An estimated 2200 people attended, including governmental officials, Roots and Shoots and Malihai Club members, and many interested members of the community. The Rolex Awards for Enterprise Journal contains an article which profiles Sebastian's work in conservation and education marked by the celebration of the planting of the one-millionth tree under his stewardship.

In the founding of various community organizations, Mr. Chuwa has promoted tree planting initiatives in the Kilimanjaro region over the past 15 years. Many different varieties have been planted—fruit and nut trees that provide food, trees that provide animal fodder, trees suitable for the production of firewood, trees suitable for cutting as construction timber, and of course, mpingo trees.

In areas surrounding Sungu Village, farmers and residents, as well as schools and colleges that have been planting trees around their homes or institutions, were invited to attend. Members of the community raised money to provide lunch and drinks, and volunteers divided work for cleaning the grounds. Some children delivered talks about environmental issues in their area, others read poems or performed choral works with the theme of environmental awareness. A showroom was created to show traditional medicinal plants that have been used in Kilimanjaro Region for many years. A demonstration of improved techniques for growing coffee trees that are resistant to the Coffee Berry Disease drew the interest of many coffee farmers on Kilimanjaro.

Those whose efforts were exemplary were awarded certificates honoring their support of the environment. Also during the celebration, new members of various environmental support groups were awarded certificates, including 103 new members of Malihai Clubs, 812 new Roots and Shoots members from Umbwe and Kibosho Girls Secondary School, as well as 54 new village community groups which signed up to join Roots and Shoots on that day.

Below are some photos taken at the ceremonies.

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Sebastian Chuwa assists Hon. Cynthia Ngoye, MP, Kilimanjaro Regional Commissioner, planting
the millionth tree at Kibosho Primary School on Sept. 8, 2004. Photo Credit--Peter Chuwa 2004.


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