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Sebastian's Photo Journal from Tanzania
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Photographs from Tanzania showing the African Blackwood Conservation Project in action.
The ABCP began to help support Sebastian Chuwa's conservation work in mid 1996.
The photographs on this page document his conservation work
from 1992-early 1997. See photos from late 1997 through 1998 here.
Photos from early 1999 can be seen here, with later 1999 photos here.
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Photo credits--Sebastian Chuwa, 2000.

seba01.jpg (2019 bytes)

1. Earlier nursery experiments - Afzelia quanzensis, age--5 months,  in nursery. Another species that grows in the same areas as mpingo - 1992. (32k)

seba02.jpg (2213 bytes) 2. Earlier nursery experiments - Mpingo (Dalbergia melanoxylon) seedlings in pots in nursery, 6 months old - 1992. (34k)
seba02a.jpg (1798 bytes) 2a. Closeup of the sign from the photo above. Sebastian, as a trained botanist with over 20 years experience, is carefully documenting all his plantings so as to develop data about the optimum propagation and care necessary to insure successful replanting of mpingo - 1992. (23k)
seba03.jpg (2143 bytes) 3. One of the seedlings from photo #2 at 2- years of age growing in the wild - 1995. (35k)
seba04.jpg (2270 bytes) 4. "I'm measuring one of my mpingos." One of the seedlings from photo #2 planted in the back yard of the US AID offices in Dar es Salaam. This is well tended by watering and weeding and is nearly 3 m. in height. Planted on Oct. 10, 1992. Photo taken July 10, 1995. (39k)
seba05.jpg (2108 bytes) 5. One of the seedlings from photo #2 planted Oct. 10, 1992 depending on rains only, 2.03 m height. Results of this growth experiment by Sebastian show that tended and watered mpingo seedlings grow at about a 50% greater rate than when left untended in the wild. Photo taken July 10, 1995. (32k)
seba06.jpg (1930 bytes)

6. Dalbergia melanoxylon - well-formed mpingo trees along the seasonal farm lands - July 11, 1995. (33k)

seba07.jpg (2155 bytes) 7. After collecting seeds from wild stands of the tree, Sebastian is sorting some mpingo seeds at home, Moshi, Tanzania. Photo by Elizabeth Chuwa, Aug. 18, 1996. (36k)
seba08.jpg (2197 bytes) 8. Training a group of local people on the practices and techniques necessary to establish a seedbed - Feb. 10, 1997. (35k)
seba09.jpg (2131 bytes) 9. Mama Mariamu arranging mpingo seeds on seedbed before covering with soft dried grass. After watering daily, germination occurs in 10 days - Feb. 10, 1997. (32k)
seba10.jpg (2196 bytes) 10. Seedbed preparation - Mama Mariamu watering the seed bed -  Feb. 10, 1997. (37k)
seba11.jpg (2057 bytes) 11. Close-up view of the ABCP Mpingo Nursery. Mpingo seedlings from the planting in February at 2 months old - April 10, 1997. (33k)
seba12.jpg (2104 bytes) 12. Mid-range view of ABCP Mpingo Nursery - April 10, 1997. (37k)
seba13.jpg (2063 bytes) 13. Longer-range view of ABCP Mpingo Nursery. There are about 100 seedlings in each section of pots. Years of trial and experimentation have led Mr. Chuwa to have a high success rate in seeding, planting and raising mpingos - April 10, 1997. (32k)
seba14.jpg (2156 bytes) 14. Mrs. Mary Sambeke, a volunteer at the nursery, commits her time to come twice a week to work in the nursery - April 10, 1997. (35k)
seba15.jpg (2247 bytes) 15. Mrs. Mary Sambeke taking care of one of her mpingo trees. This local resident has planted some mpingos in her back yard - April 10, 1997. (39k)
seba16.jpg (2199 bytes) 16. One of Sebastian's growth experiments. The seedlings in the light pots are 10 months old and those in the black pots are 15 months old - March 20, 1997. (38k)
seba17.jpg (2000 bytes) 17. This 15-month old mpingo seedling from one of Sebastian's experimental projects is ready for transplanting - March 20, 1997. (38k)





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