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Sebastian's Photo Journal from Tanzania
-Index Page 4-

Photographs from Tanzania showing the African Blackwood Conservation Project in action.
These photographs document the conservation work of Sebastian Chuwa
during the year 1999. See photos from 1992 to early 1997 here.
See photos from late 1997 through 1998 here. See earlier photos from 1999 here.
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Photo credits--Sebastian Chuwa, 2000.

thmb_seba54.jpg (3247 bytes)

54. 2000-litre water tank and frame being loaded on truck at the fabricators in Moshi. This water project is funded by a grant from the Cottonwood Foundation in order to bring a permanent year-round water supply to the Moshi Mpingo Plot so that the mpingo nurseries which have been scattered about in other locations can all be consolidated in the tree plot - Dec. 1999. (18k)

thmb_seba55.jpg (4569 bytes) 55. Unloading the water tank at the Moshi Mpingo Plot - Dec. 1999. (34k)
thmb_seba56.jpg (4101 bytes) 56. Carrying the water tank at the Moshi Mpingo Plot - Dec. 1999. (31k)
thmb_seba57.jpg (4569 bytes) 57. Carrying in the frame for the water tank - Dec. 1999. (31k)
thmb_seba58.jpg (4855 bytes) 58. Bringing up the metal tower frame to hold the water tank - Dec. 1999. (30k)
thmb_seba59.jpg (4700 bytes)

59. Welding the metal tower frame before setup - Dec. 1999. (32k)

thmb_seba60.jpg (4319 bytes) 60. Preparing to lift up the water tank tower into its final position - Dec. 1999. (29k)
thmb_seba61.jpg (3256 bytes) 61. Working on securing the water tank to the tower - Dec. 1999. (17k)
thmb_seba62.jpg (3374 bytes) 62. Installing the plumbing pipes to the water tank - Dec. 1999. (21k)
thmb_seba63.jpg (5134 bytes) 63. Connecting the plumbing for the water tank supply and feed piping - Dec. 1999. (38k)
thmb_seba64.jpg (3724 bytes) 64. The new water tank installation at the Moshi Mpingo Plot -Dec. 1999. (25k)
thmb_seba65.jpg (3524 bytes) 65. New spigot which will be part of the water supply for the Moshi Mpingo Plot - Dec. 1999.  (28k)
thmb_seba66.jpg (4248 bytes) 66. Local farmer Mzee Mbaraka Musa asked for 6 mpingo seedlings to plant on his farm to celebrate the Millenium - Dec. 31, 1999. (28k)
thmb_seba67.jpg (4000 bytes) 67. Farmer Mzee Mbaraka Musa walks away carrying his mpingo seedlings from the Moshi Mpingo Plot. Sebastian Chuwa supervises the growing of mpingo seedlings that are dispersed to farmers, villagers and children to plant in the surrounding farmland and area around Moshi - Dec. 31, 1999. (30k)
thmb_seba68.jpg (3723 bytes) 68. Line of Dovyalis bushes growing with many branches after cutting along the fenceline at the Moshi Mpingo Plot - Dec. 13, 1999. See No. 36 (26k)
thmb_seba69.jpg (3347 bytes) 69. Mpingos growing outside of the Moshi Mpingo Plot - Dec. 1999. (25k)





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