What is this All About?

"My 200 Mpingo seedlings are obviously not enough to make
much difference compared with what is being lost.
But next year I hope to have 20,000 seedlings to plant.
It is vital for me to act now rather than wait until the future
when things have reached a crisis..."

Sebastian Chuwa, "The Tree of Music", 1992


The information in this section gives on overview of ABCP tree planting and educational activities in Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania, including  a project description, yearly newsletters, and our plan for an environmental conservation center in Moshi. It also includes a scientific description of the species Dalbergia melanoxylon, and information about its use by African carvers, musicians and Ornamental Turners. Please follow the links below for information on these topics. 

Detailed information about the project, the tree and the very useful wood it produces, can be found in the following pages:


Mission Statement of the ABCP


mpingobg.gif (35500 bytes)MISSION STATEMENT

The objectives of the African Blackwood Conservation Project are:

1) To replenish stands of African Blackwood in Tanzania that are being lost due to commercial exploitation and natural degradation. Mpingo seedlings will be raised in a sheltered environment until they are hardy enough to withstand fire and drought and can be replanted into the wild. The goal is to raise at least 20,000 mpingo seedlings a year.

2) To educate Tanzanians about the ecological and commercial importance of mpingo with the aim of enlisting volunteer assistance in conservation efforts for the tree, and to support the conservation and replanting of other important local tree species.

3) To influence individual Tanzanian citizens to raise mpingo on private and public lands. This could become a viable source of income for future generations and help raise the economic standard of the areas where it is planted.

4) To assist in the founding of local environmental groups that establish micro-enterprises for the dual purposes of economic self-empowerment and environmental restoration.

5) To help community educational and reforestation efforts for the conservation of Mt. Kilimanjaro, because of its unique importance to the vitality and ecological health of northern Tanzania..




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