Makonde Carving, Woodwind Instruments And Ornamental Turning

There are three primary commercial uses of Dalbergia melanoxylon: 1) It is used by professional wood carvers in Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique to produce artistic carvings which are marketed in the tourist markets of eastern Africa. 2)  It is the material of choice for the production of certain woodwind instruments such as clarinets, oboes, piccolos and bagpipes. 3) In Europe and the United States, artistic turners utilize the wood in a specialized form of lathework called Ornamental Turning. 

Below are links to webpages that describe these artistic endeavors that rely on the special characteristics of African blackwood which make it the perfect medium for these three forms of creative expression. 

Makonde Art

The Makonde carvers are artists who have developed a highly creative form of wood carving that traditionally utilized the African blackwood tree for its execution.

woodwind instruments

Overview of the woodwind instruments that rely on Dalbergia melanoxylon in order to achieve the rich tonality that is prized by musicians throughout the world.

Ornamental turning

Ornamental turning is a form of intricate lathe work that originated in the era of Peter the Great and is now practiced by artistic turners in Europe, the USA and Russia.

Baobab tree at sunset in Tarangire National Park – Tanzania.